Let's Create Your Dream Wedding Together!

When you are able to

turn over your

custom, detailed wedding plan

that we created together

to your “Day of Coordinator”,

whomever they may be....

it gives you the ability to

enjoy yourself on your wedding day

with confidence, knowing that those details

have been thought of in advance!

That's why I'm so excited to share my

Wedding Planning Expertise!

With my 16 years of experience

in weddings and creative design,

I know exactly how to make

your ideas come together and make

your dream day a reality.

Get a professional wedding planner for a

fraction of the price!


Insider Wedding Secrets by Lorin Rose:

Wedding Planning by the hour 


This is for you if:

You don't want to hire a full-service wedding planner even though you are feeling overwhelmed with the

planning process.

You know how you want your wedding to feel, but are not sure how to put the pieces together and could use some advice and guidance from an

experienced professional wedding planner.

In our time together, you will Receive:

We will bring together all of your ideas into a cohesive, useable plan.

You will walk away with a complete, detailed plan to hand over on your wedding day

to your "Day of Coordinator" whether that is a hired person, trusted relative, or friend!

Rest Assured - You don't have to plan in the dark,

wondering if you are making the right choices while creating your wedding.

With my help and knowledge, you can finally be at ease

and get excited about the fun you know you will have

with your loved ones on your big day!


Grab your downloadable copy of

Insider Wedding Secrets by Lorin Rose Wedding Planning Guide

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~What Couples are Saying About Lorin Rose~


 I want to thank you for making every aspect of my dream wedding come to life. It was so wonderful working with you because I could tell you completely understood what I was looking for and truly wanted to help me accomplish it. You went above and beyond.

You had so many wonderful ideas along the way that made it all come together so perfectly. 



"Thank you for all your help making our wedding day so special and go off utterly without a hitch. You are a Rockstar throughout the whole process to get us prepared for our dream day. 

We couldn't have ever come close to 

having such a great day without your help."

- Matt


What an amazing woman! She listened to every detail we wanted and gave very valuable input at every turn. Once Lorin was involved, I didn't worry about anything. 

 She is a consummate professional and was the best asset to our amazing day! 

She is worth her weight in gold!



"She has been incredibly easy to work with and immediately got my vision for my wedding. 

She is very professional and friendly and 

has been so open minded and encouraging about 

some of my non-traditional wedding elements.

 I have felt welcomed and appreciated sincerely by this lovely woman!" What an amazing experience it was working with Lorin. 

Thank you Lorin for everything! 

- Kimiko


First, thank you SO much for everything. We had such an amazing time and so did our guests. 

We couldn’t have done it without you. 

Thanks again!!!



What I liked most about working with Lorin was that she was always down to business but also seemed emotionally involved in making my day amazing. I also greatly appreciated her endless knowledge on wedding traditions and etiquette.

- Dawn Marie


Thank you so much Lorin for all your tremendous work and amazing efforts that 

made our special day so seamless! 

 You created such an air of calmness and positivity that it was impossible to be otherwise! 


You know that everything will fall into place on your wedding day with

Lorin Rose's valuable input and design creativity while maximizing your wedding budget.

When we work together, you can be confident that your wedding planning needs will be met,

no matter what type of wedding you desire!

On your epic day, laugh and enjoy the time with your loved ones, knowing that all your hard work has paid off beautifully since you had expert help from a professional wedding planner!

© Insider Wedding Secrets by Lorin Rose Weddings